sublimation paper coating machine

sublimation paper coating machine

sublimation paper coating machine

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1. Main Application

1.1 Used to produce sublimation heat transfer paper;

1.2 Suitable material:

1.2.1 Paper: 60-120g/m2;

1.2.2 Adhesive: Water base glue;

1.2.3 Solid content of adhesive:.

2. Main Function and Characters

2.1 Unwinding unit: It adopts Constant tension and Automatic Edge control system to keep the film in stable tension and reliable operation;

2.2 Electrostatic eliminator: It adopts electrostatic eliminator before coating in order to eliminate the electrostatic and height the coating quality;

2.3 Coating technology: It adopts accurate comma roller coater with advanced scraper servo position control system to fulfill coating evenly;

2.4 Heating ovens: They adopt electric proportional control valves to guarantee the accuracy of the temperature control; they adopts half open structures which is convenient for cleaning and film traversing;

2.5 Rewinding unit: It adopts single-position constant tension winding to keep the tension balance;

2.6 Transmission rollers: They are all by dynamic balance processing to guarantee the flexible operation and prevent the film scratches.

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